Infants class at Windermere School in unknown year
Windermere School class 1960s

Photo courtesy Diana Devereux.

Teacher: Mrs Stone
BACK ROW left of Mrs Stone L-R: Alison Graves, John Wilson, ? , ? , ? , Susan Holland
BACK ROW right of Mrs Stone L-R: Sharon Downe, Vicki Goode, Robert Munns, Linda Jones, Deborah Gurney, Jackalyne Henshaw, ?
MIDDLE ROW L-R: Philip Macdonald, Carol Long, Kenneth Adams, ? , Lesley Faulkner, ? , Leigh Andrews, Jacqueline Powell
FRONT ROW L-R: Ian Fisher, Geoffrey Hobbs, Trevor Stanley, David Attridge, David Newton, Allan Chapman

Fourth year (Y6) class at Colney Heath School in 1962
Colney Heath School Y6 1962

Photo owner unknown.

If you left Colney Heath School in 1962, you are probably here.

15th Cub Scout football team (attached to Ss Alban & Stephen School in 1968
15th SA Scout football team

Photo courtesy Hertfordshire Scouts.

We know more about this team because their names were recorded. So, if you were a member of the 15th St Albans Cub Scout Pack in 1968 you will know all of these young players as your friends. Do you recognise yourself? The 15th was attached to the Ss Alban & Stephen Church and had its headquarters in Cecil Road and then Vanad Crescent.
BACK ROW L-R: ….. Hughes, ….. Cummins, ….. Fog, ….. Murphy, ….. Kinsella, ….. Higgin
FRONT ROW L-R: ….. Ryan, ….. Sobieraj, ….. Garner, ….. McLoughlin, ….. O'Gorman

Performance group at Cunningham JMI School in c1966
Cunningham School group from c1966

Photo owner unknown.

We now have four names for this great "enactment" picture from Cunningham School.
BACK ROW L-R: ? , Joana Swadling, Sally Bacon, ? , ? , Colin Hyde, ?
FRONT ROW L-R: None so far identified.
The teacher is Mrs Field.

There was probably a lot more going on at Cunningham, especially if you were a pupil at the school. Let us know, especially if you have photos, and then Cunningham can have a page all of its own!

A class at Ss Alban & Stephen Infant or Junior School in c1960
Ss Alban & Stephen School group c1960

Photo owner unknown.

A class full of young children no-one has yet recognised.

A junior class at Wheatfields JMI School in 1977
Wheatfields School class 1977

Photo owner not known.

Who are we? A class of 27 and our teacher. We lived in Marshalswick!

Football team at Colney Heath JMI School in 1963
Colney Heath School football team 1963

Photo owner not known.

It's the successful teams that have the biggest smiles. We lived in the village, but can't recall our names. Let's start with one name …

1967 6-a-side football team Wheatfields School

Photo Ray Bradstreet; original Herts Advertiser.

Lyon Cup winners for 3rd year (now year 5) six-a-side football.
BACK ROW L-R: David Dobbie; Nigel Hiskett; Andy Smith; Peter Robinson.
FRONT ROW L-R: Ray Bradstreet; Stuart Carter; Malcolm Evans.